Bots help you spare your visitors and customers the trouble of manually filling pre-chat forms and reduce chat drop-off rates. They can help your team focus on conversations that actually matter and generate leads even when your team is offline by collecting quick information from your website visitors. 

The Freshchat Bot is built to automate lead capture - collect user information when a visitor initiates a chat, validate responses with follow-up questions, and auto-upload the leads into the Freshsales CRM.

You can configure the bot workflows in the following ways:

  • Generate leads 24x7 - even when your team is offline. Let the bot exchange pleasantries, set expectations, and reduce team dependency.
  • Edit default questions and add relevant custom questions to set lead qualification criteria.
  • Create workflows for your team's online and offline scenarios to help your bot sound empathetic and personal.

With bots, you can set the right expectation on response time when your team is offline.

The bot interaction begins when an unidentified user (typically a new website visitor) initiates a chat on your website. The bot workflow kicks in, sends pre-configured messages to the user, and waits for a response. If the responses are valid, it accepts them and moves to the next question, saving the value against the user in a default property (like name, email, phone) or a custom user property (defined as a “label” for the property). If responses are invalid, the bot will prompt the customer for an alternate response. 

Once all the bot questions are answered, the bot sets expectations with the customer (connect you with an agent or get back to you later) based on agent availability.