FAQs aid you in providing self-help to visitors and extend the help in the language they prefer. You can create rich FAQ content with images, videos, tables, and deep-links to deflect common customer queries.

The FAQs section consists of two parts: Categories and FAQ articles.

A FAQ category is like a folder in which you can organise FAQs that are related or share some context. Categories make it easier for users to find the FAQs they are looking for. You can have multiple categories and each category with multiple FAQs. For example, you can create a category called Pricing and put pricing-related FAQs under it.

FAQs can be used in two ways,

  • One way is users going to the FAQs section of the mobile SDK or web messenger to find solutions for their issues instead of reaching out to a support personnel. FAQs have a search bar to help users narrow down the relevant FAQs.

  • Second, a team member can insert FAQ into a conversation from the inbox to quickly resolve a user’s issue.