What are Multilingual FAQs?

How to add Multilingual FAQs?

How to preview FAQs in a particular language?

What are Multilingual FAQs?

When you have customers across regions visiting your website, you can display the FAQs in their resident language through the multilingual feature. Once you have added multiple languages to your Freshchat account, you can navigate to an FAQ that was added and create multilingual translations for that FAQ.

Freshchat currently supports 32 languages. You can have FAQs displayed in the browser language chosen by the user (provided it is supported by Freshchat).

Before adding multilingual FAQs, you must add and enable those languages under Languages in Settings.

The first step is to set the Primary Language. All the content has to be first added in the primary language and only then can it be translated into other languages.


You can refer Languages Supported by Freshchat to view the list of supported languages.

How to add Multilingual FAQs?

Before adding FAQs in other languages, you must have added the FAQ content in the Primary language.

To add multilingual FAQs,

  1. Go to FAQs tab.

  2. Select the FAQ Category, then select the FAQ that you want to translate.

  1. Click the Language (e.g. French). A dialog box appears.

First you need to add the Category Title and Description in the chosen language if not already translated. 


At present, Freshchat does not provide any translation services. You need to add the translated content manually. For example, you need type the content in French.

  1. Add the translated category details.

By default, the Category is hidden (draft mode, won’t be visible on the app). Enable the toggle to publish it.

  1. Enter the translated FAQ Question and Content.

The existing Tags appear by default. You can select the Hide this for... checkbox if needed.

  1. Click Publish.

How to preview FAQs in a particular language?

To preview FAQs in a particular language,

  • Select the language from the Preview FAQs in drop-down.