The Dashboard gives a real-time overview of all the current activities in your account. You can access the Dashboard only if you are an Admin or a Supervisor.

It is customised according to your Freshchat plan and provides a visual summary of your team’s performance. Dashboard helps you measure speed of response, monitor conversation trends, view average resolution time, and deep dive into any team member’s workload. It also gives you information on team member availability.

Using the real-time dashboard, you can get insights on: 

  • Conversation Status(unassigned, assigned, and assigned & not replied)

  • Conversation Volume(number of incoming conversation today vs last week for each hour of the day, incoming conversations vs resolved conversations for every hour of the day, and resolution label trends)

  • Performance Metrics (average/ mean/ 90th percentile values for First Response Time, Response Time and Resolution Time)

  • Customer Satisfaction Rating

  • Team Availability(Online, Active on Intelliassign)

  • Team Performance: For each member, you can track- first response time, response time, resolution time, resolved conversations, messages sent and conversations assigned

On the Dashboard, you can view the number of incoming conversations for the day. You can also see hourly comparisons for,

  • Incoming conversations volume today vs the volume on the same day last week

  • Incoming conversations vs the resolved conversations for the current day. This will help you identity workload and roadblocks and allocate resources accordingly. 

In the speed of response widget, you will be able to track the following,

  • First response time - Time taken by the agent to send the first response to customer after the chat gets assigned to the Agent.
  • Response time - Overall average time of all the responses sent by the agent.
  • Resolution time - Total time taken by the agent to resolve a customer conversation.
  • Wait time - Time taken for chat assignment to the agent in Freshchat + Time taken by the agent to send the first response.

There are two types of Dashboard views available in Freshchat based on your account plan: Basic and Advanced. Only Estate plan users have access to Advanced dashboard.

The Advanced dashboard consists of two tabs/views: App and Team Members.