Multi-Account Login enables you to switch between different Freshchat accounts (if you have more than one account with Freshchat) with a single click. Previously, you had to use email aliases to operate multiple accounts whether you are an Admin or an Agent. To switch between accounts, you had to manually logout and login with your alias ID every time. 

However, with this feature, you can avoid that hassle and use a single email ID for all your Freshchat accounts(if you want/have more than one Freshchat account). 

For example, consider the following scenario. A business offering three SaaS products has three different Freshchat accounts for each Agent handling customer support for the products. Every time an agent wants to switch accounts, he/she has to logout and login manually using their email alias. With multi-account login, the agent can now use a single email ID to operate every app account.

To switch between apps (accounts),

  1. Click your name. A pop-up appears.
  2. Under Switch Apps, you can find the different accounts you are a part of.
  3. Click the app account you want to switch to.