If you are a Freshdesk customer actively using Livechat with subscription to Garden plan or above, migrating from Livechat to Freshchat, you will be eligible to get the Blossom plan of Freshchat for free, plus you will be able to migrate full-time agents and not occasional agents, provided you comply with the following legal terms:

  1. If you downgrade to either Blossom or Sprout plan in Freshdesk, Freshchat will no longer be free for you and you will be charged as per Freshchat plan pricing.

  1. If you downsize the number of full-time agents in Freshdesk, the same will be applicable on Freshchat. However, if you do not want to reduce the number of agents on Freshchat, additional charges will be applicable.

  1. Conversely, if you upgrade the number of full-time agents on Freshdesk, the same number of agents can be added free of cost with Blossom plan on Freshchat.

Your subscription to Freshchat through this offer will be deemed acceptance of the above offer-related terms.