What is Co-browsing?

How to initiate a Co-browsing session?

Important Note

What is Co-Browsing?

With Co-browsing you can provide live, instant, and personalised support to your customers right from the Freshchat web app. You can request access to your customer’s screen and help them remotely. Co-browsing also comes with audio chat.

For example, you can guide them on how to set up and use a feature such as Campaigns or you can troubleshoot an issue for them.


  • This feature is available only for users in the Estate plan.
  • In order for Freshchat to load your business's page during a cobrowsing session, Freshchat will need to download your css. Please ensure that you have whitelisted cobrowsing.freshchat.com on your server by adding the below line:
    Access-Control-Allow-Origin: https://cobrowsing.freshchat.com

How to initiate a Co-Browsing session?

To start co-browsing for a user or conversation,

    1. Go to the conversation.

    2. Click .

You can request for View Only or View and Control access. With View Only access you can only view the current tab of your customer. With View and Control, you can view and control the current tab your customer is on.

    3. Click Request. A new tab opens.

A new tab will open, waiting for the user to accept your connection request.

The user will get a prompt to Allow or Deny the connection request. Once they click Allow, you will be able to access their current tab.

A pop-up box opens with options to Allow or Deny microphone access request. 

If your customer clicks Allow, a new tab opens. This tab should be kept open until the session ends, otherwise the audio connection will be lost.


  • User has to keep the audio connection tab open until the session ends. Otherwise, the audio connection will be lost.

  • After allowing the audio connection, the user has to switch back to the original tab.

Now, you will be able to see and control the current tab your user is on. 

At any point, you can request for control or give back control to the user. Or your user can get back control by clicking <icon>

You or your user can also end the session at any time by clicking End Session.

After the co-browsing session ends, you will get an option to add a private note about the session to have context if the conversation is re-opened later or assigned to another team member.

    4. Enter the text. 

    5. Click Add Notes. Your private note will get added to the conversation.

You can now close the tab or click Take me back to Inbox to get back to your Freshchat Inbox.

Important Note

1. Agent cannot see or control any other tab or computer at the user’s end.

2. Agent can view or control the tab only with explicit permission. User can take back control at any point in time.

3. Freshchat does not track and store any private information the user might have on the site being co-browsed.