Below is the general pricing:

1. WhatsApp Charges: No charges will be incurred to respond to conversations within 24 hours of last message of customer. All proactive messages or messages after 24 hrs of last customer message will cost $0.0273 (This might also depend on the country). These charges will be shared with you separately. Currently, we don't support proactive messaging, or responding after 24hrs of the last customer message.

2. Other Charges: We will provide 500 conversations/month per agent free as fair usage to the customers on Estate plan only. Beyond that we will have a fee of $10 per 1,000 incremental conversations. This is subject to change since we are still in an early access phase.


An example - If a customer A is paying $49/ agent they get 500 conversations/month free. If they have 2500 conversation in a month, they end up being billed for $20 more for additional conversations. 


The pricing may subject to vary in future when the feature is available to a wider set of businesses, and can also change if there are any changes from WhatsApp in their pricing.