Below is the general pricing:

1. WhatsApp Charges: No charges will be incurred to respond to conversations within 24 hours of last message of customer. All proactive messages or messages after 24 hrs of last customer message will cost $0.0273 (This might also depend on the country). These charges will be shared with you separately. 

Important Note:

Currently, we don't support proactive messaging, or responding after 24hrs of the last customer message.

2. Other Charges: We will provide 500 conversations/month per agent free as fair usage to the customers on Estate plan only. Beyond that we will have a fee of $10 per 1,000 incremental conversations. This is subject to change since we are still in an early access phase.


An example - If a customer A is paying $49/ agent they get 500 conversations/month free. If they have 2500 conversation in a month, they end up being billed for $20 more for additional conversations. 


The pricing may subject to vary in future when the feature is available to a wider set of businesses, and can also change if there are any changes from WhatsApp in their pricing.