You can choose to change the language of the Freshchat interface. Freshchat currently supports 20 interface languages on the Agent side. 

If your browser’s default language is one of the 20 languages supported, you will receive a pop up message which will ask you if you would like to change the language of the Freshchat interface to your default language.   

For example, if your default language is German and you click on Change, the interface language will automatically change to German. If you want the interface to be in English, click on X

List of supported languages:

  • de: German
  • en-us: English
  • es-mx: Spanish (Mexico)
  • es: Spanish (Spain)
  • fi: Finnish
  • fr: French
  • id: Indonesian
  • it: Italian
  • ja: Japanese
  • ko: Korean
  • nl: Dutch
  • no: Norwegian
  • pl: Polish
  • pt-br: Portuguese (Brazil)
  • ru: Russian
  • sv: Swedish
  • th: Thai
  • vi: Vietnamese
  • zh-cn: Chinese (Simplified)
  • zh-tw: Chinese (Traditional)

How to change the interface language?

To change interface language, 

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Click Profile Settings.

  1. Under Preferred Languages, click on the drop-down menu.

  2. Select a language of your choice (E.g., Deutsche).

  1. Click Save

Once you click Save, the interface language will be changed.