What is Apple Business Chat and why should I integrate?

Business Chat allows your customers to connect with you directly from Messages. By integrating your Freshchat account with Business Chat, your customers can reach out to you through iMessage and you can respond to their questions, resolve issues, and complete transactions right within Messages. 

These customer conversations are possible across Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple watch) and from Siri, Safari, Maps, Spotlight, and more.

Business Chat capabilities

Send/Receive Message

Provide a rich user experience to the customer by sending an interactive message.

List Picker

Let the customer choose from a list of items by sending a list picker.

Time Picker

Let the customer schedule an appointment by sending a time picker.

Apple Pay Payment Request

Provide an easy and secure way for customers to buy goods and services through Business Chat using Apple Pay.

Message Attachments

Receive and send file attachments.

Authentication Message

Pass authentication data between your business and the customer's device.

For more details on how to get Business Chat integration for your Freshchat account, contact support@freshchat.com or just ping us using the Freshchat app.