WhatsApp is the most preferred messenger in the world and your customers will be more comfortable contacting you through it.

On the agent’s end, however, managing multiple conversations can be tricky using the WhatsApp for Business app alone and Freshchat can help make it easier.

By integrating WhatsApp with Freshchat, you get the following benefits:

  1. Multiple agents can handle your WhatsApp for Business accounts.

  2. You can link two or more WhatsApp for Business accounts to a single Freshchat account.

  3. Efficiency-improving features such as IntelliAssign, Priority Inbox, Assignment Rules, and Canned Responses will help you resolve conversations faster.

  4. You can keep track of your WhatsApp messages using Dashboard - which will give you real-time insights on metrics such as response time and number of chats handled

  5. Leverage Freshchat’s ability to map the right agents using customer’s location, language and keywords used in the message thereby delivering wow moments.