What is Away Experience?

As a business, you might have working hours and you cannot be available 24/7. Away Experience helps you proactively convey the same to your customers. 

With the Away Experience feature you can,

  1. Set the right expectations upfront - proactively convey to customers that you are currently away. Setting the right expectations upfront will help prevent customer frustration and also reduce the number of ‘away’ conversations you might get.

  2. Prompt customers/prospects to leave descriptions of their problems and a point of contact. This enables you to reach out to the customer/prospect with the correct context once you are back online.

  3. Manage all the ‘away’ conversations separately.

  4. Auto-convert ‘away’ conversations into tickets to match your workflow.

Away Experience behaviour on the Web Widget

When a customer clicks on a channel that is currently outside the business hours the Away Experience flow is triggered. The customer will be prompted to enter their email ID and a message. 


When the Away Experience is triggered the reply text box will not be visible. 

Once the user enter’s their email ID and message, and hits send, it will appear as a chat message and the reply text box becomes visible in the Freshchat messenger. 

The customer can still send follow up messages and it will be appended to the same chat thread. The Away Experience flow will be triggered again after 30 minutes have passed after the last customer message.

Away Experience behaviour on the Agent portal

For agents, ‘NEW’ conversation initiated during offline hours and reopened conversations (previously resolved and now reopened due to customer's message during offline hours) will be affixed with a moon icon indicating that it is an ‘away’ conversation. 

This will enable agents to identify which of conversation started outside business hours from the conversation list view and accordingly prioritise their work.

Agents and admins will be able to create a custom view for 'away’ conversations.

How to set up the Away Experience?

1. Login to Freshchat as Admin.

2. Go to Settings and select Away Experience.

3. Enable the toggle.

4. Next, select the message channels for your offline business hours. You can choose all channels or specific channels.

5. Set an away prompt (The away flow triggered when customers click on a channel that is currently outside your business hours).

6. You can also add away message in other languages based on your language settings.

7. Select the user info that you want to get. You can choose between Email or Phone Number.

8. Set a thank you message.

9. Click Save.

If you want to automatically convert ‘away’ conversations  into tickets, you can do so in Advanced Settings.

  1. Enable the toggle.

  2. Set the time cap after which the conversation will be resolved and converted into a ticket.

  3. You can also label these conversations for easy identification later.

Note: Once the time cap expires the conversation is resolved and gets converted into a ticket. All the messages the customer sends within this time period gets converted into one single ticket. 

Away Experience FAQs

Q1. Why you should set an ample buffer time?

When you set the buffer time, make sure it has sufficient margin. 

This will ensure that follow up messages sent by the user within the buffer time are added to the same ticket on resolution. Providing ample buffer time would minimise the creation of multiple tickets for the same conversation.

Q2. Which conversations are marked as ‘away’ conversations? 

  • Conversation that get started (created or reopened) outside business hours through the Away Experience flow will be marked as ‘away’ conversations. 

  • Ongoing conversations which have follow up messages outside business hours will not be marked as ‘away’ conversations.

Q3. When do we unmark an ‘away’ conversation? 

We will unmark an away conversation when,

  • The conversation gets resolved.

  • The end customer messages on the ‘away’ conversation during business hours.

Q4. How to identify 'away' conversations? (or) When will a conversation be tagged with a moon icon?

Moon icon will be shown against ‘away’ conversations.

Q5. What happens when Away Experience, Bots, and Business Hours are enabled at the same time?

Bots take priority over Away Experience and Business Hours. If all three are enabled at the same time, Bots will override Away Experience and Business Hours.