What is Co-Browsing

With Co-browsing you can provide live, instant, and personalised support to your customers right from the Freshchat web app. You can request access to your customer’s screen and help them remotely. Co-browsing also comes with audio chat.

For example, you can guide them on how to set up and use a feature or you can troubleshoot an issue for them.

For more information, checkout our Co-Browsing guide here. 

Co-Browsing Settings

If you're an Admin, you can define and restrict Co-Browsing audio access to your team members. 

You can select from one of the options available by going to Settings > Co-Browsing ,

  • Automatically start an audio call - Audio call will be auto-started when a team member initiates a Co-Browsing session.
  • Click to call - Team Members can click to start audio call. They can end or mute a call any time without affecting the session.
  • Disable audio calls - If you set this, team members can only initiate screen sharing session without audio.