Migrating from Intercom to Freshworks

We are in the process of updating this content. Meanwhile, please reach out to support@freshchat.com or ping us using the Freshchat messenger for Migration details.


  • How this works

  • Steps to Migrate

  • What we will migrate

NoteIf you're an Intercom customer, you should reach out to us us at least two weeks before your Intercom account expires.

How this works

As a part of the migration from Intercom to Freshworks, we can help you import your contacts (people), and

conversations (chats).

While migrating, people from Intercom will be imported as contacts, and chats will be imported as resolved tickets in Freshdesk. This will help retain context while importing customer details into the system. 

You can see how the context is carried into Freshdesk and Freshchat in the screenshots at the end of this post.

Steps to Migrate

  1. Login to your Intercom account. 

  2. Go to Settings > Developers > Developer Hub > Your apps > New app.
  3. Give permissions for all the items that you wish to migrate. This will generate an access token, which you need to share with us.

What we will migrate

Customer data 

Name, Email Address, Phone number, Address, Company

Conversation data

Transcript, Conversation ID, Created time, Last updated time, Conversation status (at the time of migration), Type of user

The chat in Intercom

The imported ticket in Freshdesk