We are making the Freshchat widget messenger more secure. Less than 0.0015% of your users’ messages will be blocked (as they come from older unsecured browsers). 


Information from the widget messenger reaches the Freshchat server over the internet via transport layer security (TLS). As a general security practice, browsers and organizations are moving away from TLS version 1.1 as it has some vulnerabilities. Freshchat is also applying the recommended practices to maintain security and integrity of information to and fro between widget messenger and servers. 


From 31st March 2020, Freshchat will be moving away from the TLS 1.1. We will stop all traffic served through TLS 1.1. 

What is the impact?

The deprecation will have effects on the Freshchat widget users. This means, if your end users are trying to load your website on a very old browser that supports only TLS 1.1 or lesser, then the Freshchat widget will not load. 

Volume of impact

On average, less than 0.01% of the whole traffic is coming from TLS V1.1. Less than 0.0015% of the message creation is from TLS 1.1.  

Impacted browsers

Browsers that support TLS 1.2+ are listed here anything older than these are not supported:

  • Chrome version 30, released in Aug 2013 supports TLS 1.2, older versions do not.

  • Firefox version 27, released in Feb 2014 supports TLS 1.2, older versions do not. 

  • IE11 released in Oct 2013 supports TLS 1.2, older versions do not. 

More details about browsers supporting TLS 1.2 can be found here: https://caniuse.com/#feat=tls1-2