How to setup Agent Status

If you're an Admin in Freshchat, you can create custom statuses for your Agents using the Agent Status feature.

Agent Status enables agents to update their real-time availability as status and it allows Admins to better understand how each agent spends their time daily.

For example, custom agent statuses can be 'In a Meeting', or 'Away for Coffee Break' or 'On a Call'.

Freshchat comes with two default Agent statuses,

  • Active on IntelliAssign

  • Unavailable

NoteThe two default statuses cannot be edited or deleted


To setup Agent Status, Go to Admin > Agent Status

Click ‘New Status’.

 Give a name to the custom status and select an Emoji. Click Create. 

The agent status created can be edited or deleted by clicking on the edit or delete icon.

How can agents update their status

Agents can update their status by clicking on their profile at the top right corner of the screen and selecting the respective status from the dropdown.

Agents can see their current status next to their profile picture at the top right corner.

Agents will receive a notification when they change their status.

Important points to note


  • Any Agent Status other than ‘Active on Intelliassign’ will be considered as ‘Inactive’ for Intelliassign chat assignment.

  • Once the agent chooses a status, it will remain the same until the agent changes it.

  • Reports such as Agent Status data can be obtained using Extract API.