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What is Chat Assist?

Chat Assist, powered by Freddy AI, creates dynamic responses on-demand to help you respond to incoming messages faster, ensures consistency in agent responses to drastically reduce both response and resolution times.

Chat Assist has two main features to help agents reduce their response times

  1. Auto-suggest:

Auto-suggest understands the incoming messages and automatically suggests a set of responses from which agents can choose the best response and hit send.

  1. Auto-complete:

Auto-complete, as the name suggests, helps complete responses based on initial input from the agent. Agents can use Auto-complete, press either the “right hand arrow button” or the “tab” button to complete the sentence.

How do you configure Chat Assist?

NOTE: This feature is currently available in BETA for a few select customers. To test/trial this feature, please drop an email to support@freshchat.com where the support team will activate this feature for your instance from the backend, after which this will be available in your instance.

Chat Assist can be configured by each individual agent from within the Team Inbox. 

Agents can choose to use both Auto-complete and Auto-suggest by clicking on the “Chat Assist” icon in the text box as shown below

Agents can use the toggle switches to use both Auto-complete or Auto-suggest, either or switch both according to their preference.