User Export, Preferred domain name, Android app update and more

New Features

  • User Export

Now you can export your Freshchat contacts from the people tab. You can export a particular segment at a time and it will be sent as a csv file to your email ID. You need to be a Super user/Admin/Account Owner to do this.

Check this support article for more details.

  • Preferred domain name

For your Freshchat account, you can claim your preferred domain name. For example, instead of, you can have Currently you can claim your preferred domain name by logging in to your Freshchat account as Admin, you will see a notification banner in the top. 

Note: The migration to your chosen domain will happen soon, but not immediately.

Feature updates

  • IntelliAssign Toggle (Android App)

Now you can set yourself active/inactive on IntelliAssign on the Freshchat Android app by switching a toggle. You can find this under your profile settings in the app, when you click on your name.

  • Freshchat-Freshdesk integration improvement
    • While resolving a conversation and creating a Freshdesk ticket, the ticket fields that are accessible by the agents can be selected by the Admin. That is, the fields that can be viewed and edited by the agents can be restricted by the Admin through settings.
    • The channel from which the conversation was initiated will also be saved as a ticket field.
    • The conversation alias will be saved as a new field in Freshdesk.

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