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Activate your account and login

Once your Account Owner/Admin adds you to a Freshchat account, you will get an activation email from team Freshchat . Next, activate your account and set up a password.

Open the email and click Activate Account. You will be taken to the Freshworks account activation page. Here you can fill in your details, set a password, and activate your account.

Setup your profile, preferred language, and notifications

Each Agent can personalize their fd profile and control their notification preferences through their personal profile settings. 

Go to Admin > Profile Settings. 

Here you can upload a profile picture, add a bio, and link your social media handles. Telling your customers a bit about yourself will build credibility and make a connection with them.

You can localize your Freshchat interface in one of the 20 different interface languages we currently support. This will auto-translate your Freshchat interface to the chosen language.

And under Notifications, you can configure your email, desktop, and sound notification preferences. 

The Freshchat Inbox

If you’re an Agent, the Freshchat Inbox is where you will be spending most of your time engaging with customers and site visitors. The Freshchat Inbox is easy to navigate, and it comes with many features that will help you reply faster and better.

Stay on top of conversations

When you land on the Freshchat Inbox, you will be able to the list of messages in your queue pending replies (if any). Each message thread includes the username, the  Topic through which the chat was initiated, and how long it's been since the message came in so you can figure out who to reply to first.

Some queries can be too urgent to be left waiting in the chat queue. You can pick up new conversations or chats assigned to other Agents by going through the View list and ensure no message goes unanswered.

The Freshchat Inbox comes with five pre-defined views,

  • New conversations: are chats that haven’t been assigned to anyone in your team yet, 

  • Assigned to me: are chats that have been assigned to you, 

  • All assigned: displays the list of all chats assigned to other members in your team, 

  • Resolved: consists of all the chats that have been responded to and resolved by you and your team, and 

  • Bot conversations: include all chats that are currently being handled by the bots. 

Or, you can create custom views to keep a tab on other teams(Groups in Freshchat ) or certain types of conversations like Offline conversations

To create a custom view, 

Click Add Custom View > fill in the details > click Save. 

You can also share the custom views that you create with other Agents. Just select the 'Share this with your team' checkbox.

Prioritize and reply faster

At times you might have many messages in your chat queue, especially during peak hours, and you might not know which message to pick up and respond to first. 

Switch to Priority Inbox, and it will visually segment messages based on your customer’s wait time.

Priority Inbox highlights the time for which the messages have been waiting in your chat queue,

  • First Response Due - You are yet to send the first reply to the user from your side.

  • Response Due - You have replied to the first message from the user but haven't replied to subsequent messages from them.

  • No Response Due - You have responded to the customer, and there are no subsequent messages from them.

By identifying messages that need your immediate attention, you can reply faster and improve your CSAT scores.

Compose your message

Freshchat comes with all the features of a modern text editor. When you compose your reply, you can format it, add hyperlinks, and even add rich media like emojis and images. 

Save time with pre-saved replies

Most often, customers tend to come with repetitive queries. And answering the same question, again and again becomes tedious. By pre-saving answers to these commonly asked questions as Canned Responses, just type the correct shortcode and hit send. ,

Canned Responses shorten your response time while keeping your replies personalized.

To create new Canned Responses,

Go to Admin > Canned Responses > New Canned Response


As an Agent, you can create canned responses for your personal use and access those shared by your Admin. But you won’t be able to contribute to the shared repository.

You can also attach FAQs to your replies. 

Share files and attachments

You can send file attachments to customers from your system or from the Files repository. Files are like your G-drive or Dropbox within Freshchat where you can upload and store files for easy access. 

To upload attachments to Files,

Go to Admin > Files > Upload Files

NoteAs an Agent, you can upload files to your personal folder and access those shared by your Admin. But you won’t be able to contribute to the shared repository.

Troubleshoot issues with screen sharing capability

At times might need more than just messaging to support your customers. For example, to troubleshoot an issue, you might require audio and screen sharing capability. You can do just that with Co-browsing.

You can request and get access to your customer’s screen and help them remotely. 

Collaborate with your team and support better

Sometimes you may have to loop in other Agents on a conversation, answer product questions, share ideas, get confirmation on something before you respond, or simply pass on some positive feedback. 

When you assign a conversation to another Group/Agent, you can add a Private Note to give them context. This will be visible only to your team, and your customers can’t see it.

Resolve conversations

Once you have solved a customer’s query, you can close the conversation by resolving it. 

Resolved messages move into the Resolved view, from where you can access it anytime. 

Be a customer champion

When you resolve a conversation, your visitor or customer will be prompted with a customer satisfaction survey (CSAT) asking them to rate their support experience with you. 

You can find their rating and comments, if any, at the end of the conversation.

Your Admin can track this score for each conversation. By replying faster and improving customer satisfaction, you can keep your score in check. 

Perform bulk actions

Support can get too busy at times. Freshchat makes it easy to deal with multiple conversations at once with bulk actions. 

You can bulk assign messages to other Group/Agent, send bulk replies, and bulk resolve (close) messages. 

Help track your user problems

As a customer support rep, you might handle different customer queries, from support queries, feedback, feature requests, bugs, and much more. You can track all of these queries by adding a label to the conversations once you resolve them. 

By adding labels to conversations, you can help your team lead (Account Owner or Admin) to track these conversations over time and identify a pattern of what your visitors and customers are actually trying to tell you about your product or service.

Know who you’re talking to

Context is everything when it comes to supporting your customers. While communicating with a visitor or customer, you can get all the context you need about them right within the Freshchat Inbox. 

This includes information on their username, email ID, IP address, the page the conversation was initiated from, navigation timeline of the pages visited to even purchase history, transaction status, and other details from your CRM or any third-party app.

You can also customize this space by adding apps of your choice from the Integrations page. 

Search conversations

In Freshchat you can search for people or conversations with a user name or email ID using the search icon on the top.

The People tab 

In the People tab, you can see a list of all your site visitors and customers who have ever interacted with any of the widgets.

Here you can search for users, create a new user segment, and export the data to your email.

When you click on a user, you’ll be taken to their profile, where you can see all their details. You can also initiate/reply to messages from here. 

Omnichat - Freshchat chrome extension

Omnichat is Freshchat 's chrome extension. With Omnichat, you can take the Freshchat Inbox to any chrome web page and support customers on the go. Whether you check your email or watch a music video to take a break, you stay on top of customer messages.

You can install Omnichat from the chrome webstore.

Support customers on the go

Get the Freshchat app for iOS and Android and continue customer conversations even when you’re away from your desk. 

Respond to customers, assign conversations, add private notes, and resolve chats on the move. Get notified when a user replies or reaches out to you with Push Notifications. Stay on top of messages even when you’re not inside the app.