We've introduced support for bots on the Freshchat SDK. Customers can integrate the SDK into their mobile apps that will trigger self-service in their apps natively. Mobile SDK works like the Conversations widget. Once you deploy a bot flow/answers in the Conversations widget, the bot will automatically be available on the SDK as well. 

You can refer to this article to understand how to build a bot from scratch.


Once you build the bot flow in the bot builder and deploy it, the SDK will work on the mobile app as configured. You can automate responses to reduce agent workload, and ensure that agents are available to offer personalized help when needed. With the SDK, you can:

  • Set up auto-responses based on the customer’s input

  • Enable bots to be triggered at the appropriate time during a conversation

  • Integrate solution articles to be displayed when the customer posts a query

  • Display Yes/No buttons to receive customer feedback

  • Configure dropdown actions for customers to choose from

  • Set up custom responses, FAQs, etc

  • Trigger bots based on set Business Hours on the mobile app

  • Trigger campaign messages from the mobile app based on targeted campaigns set

  • Ensure that the chat is transferred to a live agent upon bot flow completion