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Integrate Freshdesk with Freshchat

By integrating Freshdesk with Messaging you get the combined power of a robust helpdesk system and a modern messenger to improve your customer support.

You can access Freshchat right inside Support Desk. This will eliminate the need to toggle between two different tabs or windows. This also means, while your agents are responding to tickets, they can still get notified on the chats assigned to them and reply to customers right from the helpdesk without having to navigate to a different window.

You can also convert conversations in Freshchat into tickets in Support Desk.

Subscription plans

If you’re a Freshdesk customer, you can integrate with Messaging only if you’re on the Blossom, Garden, Estate or Forest plan in Freshdesk.

If you’re a Messaging customer, you can integrate with Freshdesk no matter which plan of Messaging you are on, starting from Sprout, it is available to users on all the plans. However, you need to be on the Blossom plan or above of Freshdesk for this integration to work.

The Freshchat - Support Desk integration has two parts to it,

  1. Setting up up Support Desk integration in Messaging
  2. Setting up Messaging integration inside Support Desk

How to setup Freshdesk integration in Messaging

Login to your Freshchat account as Account Owner or Admin. 

Go to Admin > Integrations > Freshdesk

Add your Freshdesk portal URL and Admin user token, and then click Authorize.

Admin user token is your Freshdesk API Key. You can find this in your Freshdesk account under Profile Settings.

Choose the ticket fields for chat to ticket conversion

Now, choose the ticket fields and the corresponding Freshchat attributes. These fields will be pre-populated when an agent converts a chat into a ticket. Don’t forget to save your selection.

You can make the ticket fields visible to agents by selecting the 'Show field' checkbox.

You can also make the ticket fields 'editable', 'non-editable', or 'editable and mandatory' for your agents. 

Note: Your Freshdesk field types should be compatible with Freshchat custom properties for converting a chat into a ticket

Import FAQ articles from Freshdesk into Freshchat

If you have solution articles in Freshdesk, you might want to repurpose them as FAQs in Messaging and help your customers self-service. You can do it by importing articles into Messaging.

To do this, click Import and select the solution articles that you want to import. 

If you select the ‘Do not overwrite…’ checkbox, and then make any changes to the solution article category title or description inside Freshdesk, it won’t get auto-updated in Messaging. If you leave this box unchecked, any changes you make in Freshdesk will get updated in Messaging. Note that this is applicable only for the category titles and descriptions and not the articles itself.

How are the FAQs structured in Freshdesk and Messaging

In Freshdesk there are three levels to FAQs - Categories, Folders and Articles, whereas in Messaging there are only two levels - Categories and Articles.

To make it compatible, the Freshdesk Folders become Freshchat FAQ Categories while the articles are maintained as articles under each Category in Messaging. 

You can import all Published articles in Freshdesk which are Visible to All users and Visible to Logged in Users into Messaging. But articles that are visible only to Agents and Selected companies in Freshdesk will not be available for import inside Messaging.

Note: After importing solution articles, if you make any changes in Freshdesk, it won't reflect in Freshchat FAQs. Every time you make a change, you need to import those articles again in Messaging for the update to reflect here.

Define rules for chat to ticket conversion

Next, you have to define the rules for converting chats into tickets on Freshdesk. You can make it mandatory for agents to convert every conversation into a ticket upon resolving it (closing it). If you want to enable this, just enable the option. If you don’t, this will be an optional step for your agents.

If the 'Make it mandatory...' toggle is disabled.

If the 'Make it mandatory...' toggle is enabled.

Configure CSAT Survey Preferences

You can restrict CSAT survey for users whose conversations have been converted into Freshdesk tickets.

How to setup Messaging integration in Freshdesk

Login to your Freshdesk account. Go to Admin and click Chat under support channels.

Link your Messaging account to your Freshdesk account by moving the toggle to the right and adding your Freshchat App ID and Widget Token here. You can find your App ID and Widget Token in your Freshchat account by going to Admin > Account Settings > Integration Settings.

Move the ‘Enable chat in your support portal’ toggle to the right if you want to make the Freshchat web widget available for your team inside the helpdesk. Finally, save your settings. 

Convert Messaging conversations into Freshdesk tickets

Once you have answered a customer’s questions, you can close a conversation by resolving it. Resolved conversations move to the Resolved view from where you can access it anytime. 

Alternatively, if you have Freshdesk integration, you can resolve a conversation and convert it into a Freshdesk ticket. This will be useful if you are not able to address all the concerns of your customer immediately. For example, a premium customer might ask for a feature request or report a bug fix which takes time. 

Instead of leaving these conversations stay open in your queue, you can convert it into a ticket and then follow up and respond to customers. This will also declutter your chat queue and shorten your response time in Messaging.

The ticket fields are auto-populated based on your configuration. But you can always edit the values if necessary. You can create a new ticket or append to an existing ticket.

Convert chats into Freshdesk tickets on Messaging mobile app

Once you setup the Freshdesk - Messaging integration on web, you can start converting chats into tickets on the Freshchat mobile app (iOS and Android) too. 

What next

  • If you’re new to Freshchat our get started guide will help you with the basics of setting up Messaging.

  • If you’re an agent, you recommend you checkout our agent guide.

  • You can have the same agents in your Freshdesk and Messaging accounts. But once you setup the Messaging integration, you need to add your Freshdesk agents manually in Messaging. You can add agents in Messaging by going to Admin > Agents. 

  • If you have multiple websites/portals, you can still use a single Freshchat account for all your websites/portals. To do so, you have to declare a unique siteID for each of these websites while adding the Freshchat code to your website pages. When users ping you, each conversation/user from the different websites will be treated as a different conversation/user. While, pages/sites with the same siteID will have common users/conversations. For more information on how to declare siteID, visit Freshchat  developer’s documentation.

Unable to convert chats to tickets

If you are unable to convert a Messaging conversation into a Freshdesk ticket, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. The Agent's role has been switched from Admin to some other role, their access has been changed from global to group level or they have been moved from being a full time agent to an occasional agent. 
  2. If there are mandatory fields added for ticket creation.
  3. If the API limits have been reached.
  4. If the customer email ID is not valid (spelling error, email format error, etc)

Or, you can find the exact error by following these steps,

Right click on the ticket creation pop-up menu. Select Inspect element.

Go to Network tab. Click on Create Ticket and Resolve.

You will be able to see a failed network call highlighted in red. Check the response for this call, it will be your exact error. 

You can now debug the issue. If you are not able to, you can share this error message with us along with a screenshot of the entire page with timestamp and conversation URL if you want us to debug it for you.