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Control what notifications you receive from your Freshchat account

Each team member in Freshchat can control their own notification preferences for desktop, mobile, email and in-app notifications.

To do this, go to Admin > Profile Settings > Notifications. 

You can also choose a notification sound.

Or use the Notifications shortcut, click the bell icon in the top right corner and click the gear icon to go to Notification Settings.

From the Notifications shortcut, you can also mute/unmute the notification sound or mark all notifications as read.

What is In-App Notification

If you want to see a list of all your notifications in one place, and want to have a record of it, you need to enable In-App notifications in your Notification Settings. Otherwise, if you click on the notifications bell icon, the display will be empty, you won't be able to see any notifications, current, and past.

We recommend that you enable in-app notifications so that you can access past notifications from when you were logged out or when you were on a different tab in your browser other than Freshchat . You wouldn't have to miss an important conversation or miss responding to your VIP customer who's been waiting for a response.

Note: If you enable desktop notifications, you also need to allow notifications from Freshchat in your browser settings (irrespective of the browser you use), otherwise you won't get notifications from Freshchat. Checkout this article to enable push notifications in your browser.