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Educational institutions often have a slew of inquiries from prospective students wanting to understand the available courses and from existing students looking to download course materials or book an online session with a tutor. With the EdTech bot template, you can automate handling these inquiries and help them navigate through their requirements easily to save time. 

Depending on the kind of services you provide, you can tweak the EdTech bot template to suit your needs. For example, you can modify existing flows, add more dialogs depending on your use case, use the Answers module for handling FAQs, and more. You can also customize your bot to match your brand and deploy it on the self-service widget. 

The EdTech bot template covers the most common flows for New Students and Existing Students. Let’s look at each of these in detail.

New Student flows:

  • Book an online demo class: You can display a list of courses available and the time slot for each course. Students/parents can book a demo for the subject of their choice by providing their mobile number and email address

  • Download course curriculum: Students can download the curriculum by selecting a course from the list of courses available. 

  • Talk to an education consultant: Provide an option for students to chat/talk to an education consultant while they browse the course of their choice. 

Existing Student flows:

  • Chat with a tutor: Enable students to chat with their tutors by fetching their student ID and the courses they have registered for. 

  • Book an online review session: Enable students to book an online review with their tutors for the courses they have enrolled in. 

  • Display course progress summary: Enable students to view their progress by fetching their course details and displaying their progress on each course. 

  • Download course completion certificate: Enable students to download certificates for their completed courses.

  • Schedule online test: Enable students to book an online test for their courses based on the time slots available. 

  • Download assignments: Enable students to download their assignment for the week/month by fetching their course details

  • Submit assignments: Enable students to upload/submit their current course assignments online by fetching their course details.

  • Cancel course subscription: Enable students/parents to cancel their course subscription by fetching the courses they have enrolled for. 

The following are to be considered if you’re deploying this bot template for your business:

API Library: The default API endpoints that come with the template are dummy. Make sure to remove the dummy URLs, response parameters, and payload content, and update the API library with your business’ APIs.

Placeholder: Responses in the bot flow are static because no placeholders were used. Depending on whether responses to the questions are fetched from an external source (through APIs), make sure to replace the dummy static responses with placeholders of the response parameters.

Authenticating using OTP: All the relevant flows, by default, have the native OTP authentication enabled for ensuring secure transactions/conversations. To use the native OTP auth functionality, read this article.