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Integrate Slack with Freshchat

Integrate Slack with Freshchat and get a two way app to chat with and support your customers. You can respond to customers and convert visitors directly from Slack, the app you already have open all day. You can even route conversations to a specific channel. 

You can do the following:

  • Get notified in slack when a customer or a visitor starts a conversation or replies to a conversation.

  • Reply to customers and visitors, add teammates to a conversation.

How to integrate Slack and Freshchat

You need to be an Account Owner or Admin in both Slack and Freshchat to set up this integration. 

In Freshchat go to Admin > Integrations > Slack

Click Connect and you’ll be taken to the slack login page. 

If you’re already logged in, you just have to authorize the integration. 

A channel called freshchat-messages is created automatically in your slack account to receive messages and you are automatically added to the channel. Alternatively, if you want incoming messages to be sent to a different channel, you can select it from the drop-down.

Note:You can add other team members the channel directly on Slack.

Set up  a custom command to reply to chats from Slack

You have to set up a custom command to reply to Freshchat conversations from Slack. Click here.

Add the command you’d like to use to reply to messages. We recommend something simple and easy to remember like ‘/reply’. 

Add URL and Token 

Scroll down and under Integration Settings in your Slack account you need to add an URL. This is the Slack Command URL in your Freshchat Slack Integrations page. 

Next, copy the Token from your Slack account and paste it in the ‘Slack Command Token’ text box in your Freshchat Slack integration page.

Add a hint to your slash command

You can add an autocomplete help text to your Slash command to give a usage hint to your teammates. Scroll down and select the ‘Show this command…’ text box, add the description and usage hint. Make sure you add the same command that you chose in your first step.

Click Save and you're done!