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Note: Custom flow and answer bots are no longer being actively maintained. It is recommended to transition to the improved bot builder, enriched with the latest Freddy Self Service features. Learn more.

Freddy Answers gives instant, precise answers to your customer’s commonly asked questions 24/7, helping with instant resolutions and happier customers. This will free up your team’s time to focus on issues only humans can resolve.

Freddy Answers understands intent. You can train Freddy Answers to answer any common question a customer asks at the start of a new conversation. But it doesn’t stop with deflection. Freddy Answers can follow up with an intent-based Custom Flow closing the conversation when successful - so it never reaches your team. 

Freddy Answers also performs tone and sentiment analysis, handing over the conversation to a team member when human intervention is very much needed.

How is Freddy Answers different from other chatbots

When customers ask questions, most chatbots suggest solution articles from the knowledge base. Customers are expected to go through every suggestion to see if the article is helping. But what today’s customers look for is fast, precise answers. Freddy Answers helps you deliver that. 

  • Freddy Answers can deliver accurate answers instantly

  • Freddy Answers can tap into the intent behind customer questions, truly engage with them and help them with the next best actions

  • Freddy Answers can be trained to understand the different ways in which customers ask questions

  • Freddy Answers can provide a human touch by engaging in small talk

But, it also understands when human intervention is needed and transfers the chat to a team member if necessary.

By giving instant, precise answers to common queries, Freddy Answers will create a better customer experience, and save your team hours each week. You’ll be able to see Freddy Answers immediate impact under Insights. 

Here’s how to get started:

Give your Freddy Answers identity

On the left pane, Go to Chatbots > Manage Answers > Settings

Customize your Freddy Answers to make it an extension of your brand. Go to Admin > Account Settings > Bot Profile, Give a name and choose an avatar for your Bot.

Create answers to common questions

Freddy Answers pre-learns from your Freshchat and Freshdesk Sup knowledge base, and Freshdesk tickets, and suggests questions your customers ask most often. Freddy Answers also continuously learns from new conversations in Freshchat once you set it up.

Freddy Answers also goes a step further, categorizing conversations into three categories by tagging them as,

  • Unanswered indicating you haven’t added answers for these questions yet, 

  • Improve coverage implying customers ask this question in more than one way and more variations need to be mapped, and 

  • Underperforming pointing out questions that have been downvoted five or more times and needs better answers.

Just click on any question to add answers or if you have a question in mind create a new answer from scratch.

Read more about Freddy Answers learning sources.

Compose an engaging answer

Stat by adding your question. Freddy Answers will surface similar questions if any. You can choose to add answers for one of these or create one from scratch. The quality of answer you create is the key to resolving your customer queries. 

Train your Freddy Answers to recognize questions

Your customers will ask the same question in different ways. While creating an answer, you should train Freddy Answers to recognize each variation of the question, so it answers more customers. Pick any of the example questions that your answer will resolve and dismiss the ones that it won’t. 

For example: You should train Freddy Answers  with as many examples as possible so it can recognize variations of the same question. For example, 'What is the zoo timings' and ‘Is the zoo open on weekends?' are different questions, but could have the same answer. Search for these variations, and train Freddy Answers to recognize them. Freddy Answers will then use its training and machine learning to answer questions that match or are similar to your example questions.

Remember, the more question variants you add, the more Freddy Answers will learn to recognize similar questions, and the more accurate it will be. We recommend adding a minimum of 5 examples. 

You can also train Freddy Answers to recognize questions your customers haven’t asked yet, by manually adding example questions. 

For example: If you have an upcoming feature launch, and you are working on answers for the launch, you can manually train Freddy Answers with questions you predict customers could ask.

Pick a follow up action

Freddy Answers can tap into the intent behind customer questions, truly engage with them and help them with the next best actions. 

Freddy Answers can end by triggering a intent-based Custom Flow which can engage customers and close the conversation  Custom Flows can ask the right questions, engage visitors, book meetings, onboard users and support customers.

Freddy Answers also understands when human intervention is needed and transfers the conversation to a team member. Freddy Answers will then leave the conversation open, so your team can follow up.

Keep tabs on your Freddy Answers performance

It’s easy to track Freddy Answers performance. You can see the overall impact your Freddy Answers has by going to Insights.

You can see,

  • What percentage of your total conversations Freddy Answers successfully resolved for your team

  • How many questions were attempted by the Freddy Answers, and questions it didn’t answer

  • How much time Freddy Answers saved your customers and teammates.

You can get a snapshot of how each answer is performing, by going to the Answers section.

Limit Freddy Answers only on certain Topics

Find the right balance between human and bot conversations. You can limit Freddy Answers to only respond on certain Topics. At Freshworks, for example, we trigger Answers in the Support or Pricing Topic and choose not to trigger it in a Premium Help Topic meant for conversations between customers on our higher plans and the customer success team.  

Train Freddy Answers to resolve more conversations

You can train Freddy Answers to provide more resolutions by doing these three things:

  • Create answers for a wide range of topics

  • Create multiple answers for each topic

  • Train Freddy Answers to recognize several variations of the same question, by adding more examples

By continuously training Freddy Answers, you’ll increase its resolution and coverage rates, and save your teammates and customers more time.

When does Freddy Answers trigger

Freddy Answers automatically triggers when a customer asks a matching question at the start of a new conversation.

  1. Freddy Answers will give a precise answer ff there is an exact match with one of the commonly asked questions
  2. Freddy Answers will suggest a help article if certain keywords match with a question
  3. Freddy Answers will suggest more than one help article if most of the keywords and the intent of the customer question matches with a commonly asked question.