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Integrate your Google Calendar with Freshchat and book meetings 24x7 with prospects and customers

Spend more time closing prospects and less time scheduling demos. Connect your Google Calendar with your F profile and book meetings 24x7 right from the messenger. 

With Meetings, you can keep your prospects and customers informed about your team’s availability.

Connect your Google Calendar with Freshchat

Go to Admin > Meetings > Google Calendar

Click Connect. 

Login to your Google account and allow Freshchat to access your Calendar.

You will be able to see the connected calendar in Freshchat .

Note: You can connect more than one Google Calendar with Freshchat . Freshchat will check the chosen calendar for your availability.

Define your Meeting settings

In the ‘Configure Scheduling’ you can set up the rules for your meeting. 

  • Buffer time: Avoid back to back meetings and take a break in between. This is the time break between two meetings.

  • Minimum notice time: Configure a minimum notice time before a meeting can be scheduled with you. For example, if you choose 30 minutes, a meeting can be booked with you only after 30 minutes from now.

  • Meeting duration: Define the length of each of your meeting (from 20 minutes to upto 2 hours).

  • Time Window: Allow prospects and leads to schedule a meeting with you upto next 7 days.

If you’re an Account Admin/Admin, you can set up an overall Meetings schedule for your different teams and agents by going to the 'Global' tab on the left. 

Enabling the ‘Allow agents to override..” toggle will let your agents override your overall configuration for Meetings.

If you’re a agent, you will be able to make changes here only if your Account Admin/Admin has allowed you to override the overall settings. 

Schedule your availability

Once you configure meeting settings, the next step is to let your customers and prospects know when they can book meetings with you.

You can schedule your availability based on your Business Hours settings.

Or create a custom schedule by picking your time zone. You just have to choose the time slot for one day of the week and you can copy it across the other days with the 'Copy To All' shortcut.

While creating a custom schedule, make sure to accommodate break and lunch timings of your team. Leave Saturday and Sunday unchecked if you are off on the weekends.

Pro-tip: We recommend that you use Meetings with Business Hours for a more powerful, unified experience. Plus, you don’t have to create a custom schedule from scratch.

Share your schedule with users

You can help customers a book meeting or schedule a demo with you by sharing your calendar with them right from the Freshchat Inbox.

Click on the Meetings icon under the reply text box. You can either share your calendar or pick an agent’s calendar to share. 

Your prospect or customer will get your available time slots, from which they can pick one. Once they book a meeting they'll get an email invitation and you'll get a response notification within the conversation.

What happens if your prospect or customer doesn't have a Google account (or may not use Google Calendar)

The customer/prospect can still book a meeting with you. They will even receive the email invitation once they book a meeting. 

If their email provider doesn't support a calendar. They can download the invite.ics calendar file which they'll get as part of the email invitation and manually add it to any other calendar they use.

Meetings in mobile app

You can also book meetings from your Freshchat Android & iOS mobile apps