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Freddy can now understand and respond to your customer queries in 6 new global languages other than English - French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. 

How to setup Freddy Answers in a different language

Add and Enable languages

First, add and enable your primary and secondary languages by going to Admin > Languages in your Freshchat account.

Your primary language can be the most common language understood and spoken by your customers, e.g., English. Your secondary languages can be the non-English speaking geo’s your business caters to, e.g., if your business serves the EU market, you can add one of the EU languages. Learn more about how to add languages here.

Note: While your Freshchat account can support 30 plus languages, Freddy Answer supports 7 languages at the moment. If you would like to request a language to be added to Freddy Answers, please leave us a message at support@freshchat.com. We will get back to you once that language is supported in Freddy Answers.

Set up Freddy Answers in other languages

Now, go to Chatbots and click Manage Answers.

Learn more about how to set up Freddy Answer Bot here.

NotePlease ensure your Primary language is set to one of the 7 supported languages (English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian) to access Freddy Answers.

Select an existing answer you’d like to translate or create a New Answer. 

On the right side, you’ll be able to see the list of languages you’ve enabled and available for translation. 

Pick the desired language. For example, Spanish and add the translated content in Spanish. 

Note: You have to add the translated answers manually. However, small talk can be handled by Freddy Answers in the customer’s language.

Once you’ve added the translated answers, you can preview the bot flow in that language.

Using the ‘Filter’ option you can filter and view answers for a particular language in the ‘Train your Bot’ and ‘Answers’ pages.

Some pointers to note

  • If you’ve set up the follow-up action of your Freddy Answers to trigger a Custom Flow which is in a language not supported by Freddy Answers (apart from the 7 languages), the conversation will be handed over to an agent directly.

  • If a customer initiates a conversation in a language other than those supported by the Freddy Answers, the conversation will be handed over to your team.

  • The language (7 languages supported by the Freddy Answers) that customers ask their query and the browser locale should be the same for Freddy Answers to work seamlessly.

Learn more about Custom Flows here.

Note: When you add new FAQs, modify, or translate FAQs in one of the 7 languages, it will be auto-synced to your Freddy Answers.