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Provide localized support to your customers by showing the bot to customers in their language. Make your customers feel at home with your brand by providing AI support in any of the fifty-four languages that your chatbot can support. You can configure the bot to provide localized support in two ways:

  • Based on the locale, website, or browser language, the bot language will automatically be configured.
  • You can prompt the customer to choose their preferred language and change the bot language accordingly.


Setting up multiple languages for bots

  • Navigate to Flows > Configure > Multilingual. Make sure to select the right bot version.

  • Click on Download bot script to get the bot flows in your account's primary language. In the file that downloads, you will find all the flows that you have built (in your primary language). 
  • Replace the text in your primary account language with translations in the language you are offering customer service.
  • Once you've completed the translations, you can click on Upload file to upload the updated file against the corresponding language. 

Changing the bot’s language based on the Locale parameter

  • While setting up the self-service widget, you can enable the default parameter for language. This will include the "cstmr::lng" parameter in the script that is generated. You can prefill it with the language you need the bot to load in.

  • You can prefill this value with a language and force the bot to load in just that language.
  • Or prefill it with the variable you use on your website for storing your customers' choice of language (such as their browser language). Pass the value for the variable from your website.
  • The bot will load the deployment script with the variable whose value will be prefilled by the customers' language preference.

Changing the bot’s language based on user preference

  • Create a new message in the flow, and ask the customer which language they would prefer.
  • Click the +Get Response button > choose Language > and pick the languages you wish to show your customers.

  • Based on their choice, the bot will save the language parameters for the specified language. This can be later used anywhere else in the bot flows.