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Note: If you're using a newer version of Freshchat (your URL would look like accountname.myfreshworks.com), please click here to learn about the prompt-based bot builder for your account.

You can build bots with Freshchat to understand customer queries in natural language. Freshchat bots are powered by Freddy AI that can map the questions to specific bot flows related to the customer intent. This requires you to manually write out the variants of customer queries that map to each bot flow. Learn more about this here.

Your customers will have a specific goal (intention or intent) to achieve when they contact you for help. It is essential to understand their intent from their questions (queries). Customers will phrase their questions differently and ask them in multiple ways for the same intent. Each of these variants is an utterance. Here's a glossary of these terms.

Your bots need to learn to understand these different phrases and their respective intents. You can use Freddy AI to generate multiple versions of your customers' queries to train your bot — you do not need to manually research, consolidate, classify, and document the different utterances from your customers grouped by the respective intents. 

  • Navigate to Admin > Freddy AI > Toggle on Utterance suggestions under Freddy Self Service to auto generate training utterances for intents and QA.

What's new with intents?

  • You can now use Freddy AI to suggest variants for each intent. Freshchat will use Freddy AI to generate variant suggestions.
  • To enable your bot to suggest variants automatically using Freddy AI, navigate to Admin > Freddy > Variant suggestions and toggle it on.
  • These AI-generated variants can be used to train your bots in the Q&A section.

  • You can also use these AI-generated intents as part of the flow builder.

  • Agents and admins can identify which intents will work the best for their requirements and choose to include them in their bot builders.

By using AI to generate variants while setting up intents, Admins can be sure that their bots understand language accurately and provide the best customer experience possible.

Note: The enablement of optional functionality is subject to certain feature-specific terms and conditions set forth in the Freshworks Supplemental Terms.