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What are Smart Plugs?

Smart Plugs are custom integrations that you can pre-configure to push or fetch data from your system, CRM or any other third-party application. It gives you and your team the context you need to have an informed conversation with the customer.

When a conversation is selected in the Inbox page, the Smart Plugs enabled in the Settings page are executed in order, in the context of the selected conversation.

The Smart Plugs are loaded in a separate pane on the right side. This provides contextual information to the agent about the current conversation.

How to add a Smart Plug?

To add a smart plug,

  1. Go to Admin.

  2. Click Smart Plugs.

  3. Click Add Smart Plugs.

  1. Enter the Title, Description, and Smart Plug Script.

  2. Click Add.

Once created, the list of Smart Plugs will be visible in the Smart Plugs page. Enable the Status toggle to activate them.

How to edit or delete a Smart Plug?

To edit/delete a Smart Plug, click the dropdown and select Edit or Delete.

Checkout Smart Plugs script for sample script and placeholders.