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You can convert Freshchat conversations into support tickets on Freshdesk and Freshservice. You can also share FAQs from Freshdesk in your conversations.

  • To do this, you must have integrated Freshchat with Freshdesk or Freshservice.

  • When you click Resolve and Create Ticket a pop-up box with auto populated ticket fields will appear based on your configuration. 

  • You can save the conversation as a new ticket or append it to an existing ticket.

Note: You can also convert an incoming conversation into leads in Freshsales by enabling Freshchat-Freshsales integration.

What to do when you are offline?

  • You can set up bots to deflect and resolve incoming conversations. However, if the customer requires to talk to an agent, you can set up a bot to collect the necessary information outside business hours. Agents could follow up via email once they are available.

  • Alternatively, you can also do a bulk engagement with your out-of-office messages and resolve them in one go. Select multiple conversations and click Resolve to push them all as tickets into Freshdesk.