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Install Freshdesk Messaging on your Shopify site

Installing Freshdesk Messaging on your Shopify site is super easy.

1. Login to your Freshdesk Messaging account. Go to Admin > Integrations > Shopify and select ‘Click here’.

2. You will be taken to shopify.freshchat.com. Here, type your shopify domain name and click Install.

3. You will be redirected to your shopify account if you’re already logged in.

4. Click Install app > enter your Freshdesk Messaging token > Save.

Note: You can find your Freshdesk Messaging token by going to Admin > Web Messenger > Step 2.

Your integration is now complete.

Note: If you are unable to integrate Shopify with Freshdesk Messaging on your Google Chrome browser, we suggest you use the Mozilla Firefox browser. Please refer to this Shopify article for more details.

Custom User Properties

You can pass custom user properties in Shopify integration using the code given below.

<!-- FRESHCHAT Snippet Start -->
{% if customer %}
   if (typeof window.fcSettings === 'undefined') {
    window.fcSettings = {};
   //Adding new object to set up Meta
    window.fcSettings.meta = {};
   window.fcSettings.email = '{{ customer.email }}';
   window.fcSettings.firstName = '{{ customer.first_name }}';
   window.fcSettings.lastName = '{{ customer.last_name }}';
   window.fcSettings.externalId = '{{ customer.email }}';
   window.fcSettings.customerId = '{{ customer.id }}';   
   //Adding Custom Properties via Freshchat  
   window.fcSettings.meta.custom1 = '{{custom data property 1}}';
   window.fcSettings.meta.custom2 = '{{custom data property 2}}'
   window.fcSettings.meta.custom3 = '{{custom data property 3}}'
   window.fcSettings.meta.custom4 = '{{custom data property 4}}'  {% if customer.phone %}
   window.fcSettings.phone = {{ customer.phone }};
   {% endif %}
   window.fcSettings.shopify_token = 'SHOPIFY_TOKEN';
   {% if customer.metafields.freshchat.restoreId %}
   window.fcSettings.restoreId = '{{ customer.metafields.freshchat.restoreId }}';
   {% endif %}
{% endif %}
<!-- FRESHCHAT Snippet End -->

For example, you can send Order ID as a custom property using the placeholder {{order.order_number}}.

window.fcSettings.meta.orderId = '{{order.order_number}}'