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Freshmarketer App

With Freshmarketer app you can manage your Freshmarketer mailing list and add contacts directly from your Freshchat account without switching tabs.

Freshmarketer is available as an app in the Freshchat Appstore (Marketplace).

With Freshmarketer app, You can

  • Add a contact to Freshmarketer right from your Freshchat account

  • Add a contact to your Freshmarketer mailing list directly from your Freshchat account

  • Remove a contact from your Freshmarketer mailing list directly from your Freshchat account

How to install and configure Freshmarketer app

Log in to your Freshchat account as Admin and go to the App Store by clicking the Apps icon in the left menu.

Go to CRM, Sales & Marketing > Freshmarketer> click Install

Before you can start using the Freshmarketer app inside Freshchat , you need to add your Freshmarketer domain name and API key for verification.

How to find Freshmarketer Domain name and API Key

You can find this from your Freshmarketer account URL. 

Example: https://samplewebsite.freshmarketer.com; “samplewebsite” is your domain name.

To find the API key, Go to your Freshmarketer account > Settings > API Settings.

How to view/edit contacts in your mailing list with Freshmarketer app

Once you’ve installed your Freshmarketer app, you can access it from the right pane of your Freshchat Team Inbox.

To view your mailing list, click ‘ADD/VIEW MAILING LIST’

Select your mailing list and click Save.

Your mailing list is now updated.

How to add a new Freshmarketer contact 

If a contact is not already present in your Freshmarketer account, you can add a new contact to Freshmarketer right from the Freshchat Team Inbox.

To add a new contact, click ‘Add Contact’

Select a mailing list to add the contact to. Click Save.

Note: An email id is must as the contact will be used in a mailing list

If there is no email address available, an error message will be shown. 

To add the email address of the contact, click ‘add email’.

Type the email address and click save.