We have recently refreshed our branding across our offerings and changed the names of our pricing plans. If you have signed up before Aug 9, 2021, please click Previous plans to view your applicable plans.
We assure you that this change will not impact your product experience, and no action is required on your part.

  1. What is a bot session?
    On chat, all end-users to bot interactions in a day are counted as 1 bot session. 1 bot session lasts for a maximum of 24 hours.

  2. Will previewing bots consume bot sessions?
    Previewing bots will also consume bot sessions regardless of whether the bot is published/unpublished. 

  3. Are bot sessions available, free-of-charge?

    For standalone Freshchat customers:
    No free sessions.*
    Up to 2000 free bot sessions per month
    Up to 3000 free bot sessions per month
    Up to 5000 free bot sessions per month

    For Omnichannel customers:
    No free sessions.*
    500 free bot sessions once per account
    *Customers can build bots but will need to purchase additional packs to deploy them

    These 500 complimentary sessions are a one-time offer to try out the chatbot experience. Once exhausted, you can buy any bot sessions as an add-on. These free sessions will be forfeited if more sessions are purchased.

  4. What happens when bot sessions are over?

    You will be notified via email when you consume 80% of your sessions. If you consume 100% of your bot sessions, i.e., do not have any bot sessions left, the self-service widget will stop functioning. If you are using the conversations widget, all your incoming chats will be transferred to agents.

  5. What happens when my customer starts a session at 11:59 PM and the session spills into the next day? Will this be counted as two sessions?
    Bot sessions last for 24 hours. If a customer starts a session at 11:59PM, it is counted as 1 session till 11.58 PM of the following day.

  6. Are unused bot sessions carried over to the next month?
    Unused bot sessions are not carried over to the next subscription cycle.

  7. How long is the validity of the sessions that I purchase last?
    The validity of the sessions purchased aligns with your payment cycle. Bot sessions expire quarterly if you have a quarterly payment cycle.

    For example, if you’re on the quarterly billing cycle and make use of 2000 out of 3000 sessions in a quarter, the remaining 1000 sessions will not be carried over to the next quarter.

  8. What happens when bot sessions are added in the middle of the billing cycle?
    Bot sessions get added to the current billing cycle and renewed for the next billing cycle automatically. 

  9. Does bot session pricing change according to the chosen billing cycle (Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly, Annual)?
    No. The pricing remains the same, regardless of the billing cycle you choose. 

  10. How can I keep track of how many sessions are used up?
    The number of bot sessions will be available on the billing page. You can navigate to Admin > Billing to see the number of bot sessions being used. You will also be notified via email when you consume 80% of your sessions.

  11. What are additional bot session packs? 

    If you are going to run out of bot sessions to use within your billing period, you can buy additional bot session packs, which are charged at $100 for 1000 bot sessions/month. These additional bot sessions will get added to any bot sessions that you already have in your account for your current billing cycle only. Please note that purchasing bot sessions doesn't extend your billing cycle.

  12. How can I purchase additional bot session packs?
    You can increase or decrease additional bot session packs based on your usage or support volume from Admin > Billing. If you’re purchasing additional packs, they will get instantly added to your account for the current billing cycle.

  13. What is the expiry for additional session packs? 

    Additional session packs expire within the billing cycle when you purchased them. They are not prorated and do not depend on when you add them. To ensure that you don't miss out on increasing your requirement during the next cycle, they will continue to be added for subsequent billing cycles. You need to explicitly reduce the additional session packs during the next billing cycle to avoid getting charged.

  14. Can I reduce the number of additional session packs I’ve purchased?
    Yes, you can. However, this change will come into effect only after the current billing cycle.

  15. Is there any limitation on how I can use my bot sessions within the billing cycle?
    No, there isn’t. If you’re on the quarterly billing cycle, your pack of 3000 sessions can be used flexibly across the quarter. For example, you can make use of 2000 sessions in month 1, and the remaining 1000 for the next two months