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With the Knowledge Source tab, your bot can learn from the FAQs you set up in Freshdesk Messaging and engage in small talk for a better conversational experience. The Knowledge Source tab can be accessed by navigating to your bot > Answers > Configure > Knowledge Source

Learn from your FAQs

When you switch on this toggle, your bots will make use of your Freshdesk Messaging FAQs to offer more relevant answers to your customers' questions. If you have a lot of information documented as part of your FAQs, this will be a feature that you can enable for your bots to make the most out of them.

Small Talk

When you switch on this toggle, your bot will make small talk with your customers, offering them a more humanized bot experienced, as opposed to a straightforward question-answer type of interaction. You can choose to use Small Talk to make your bots to sound friendlier and more human-like. However, we only offer Small Talk in English (US) today.