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Your customers can now reach out to you via Google Search and Google Maps. Integrate your Freshchat account with Google's Business Messages and bring all your conversations from Business Messages into Freshchat powered by the Freshworks Neo platform Unified Channels API. You can then either have your chatbots take care of the L1s or redirect them to your support agents. 

Business Messages classifies conversations based on entry points. With this integration, your customers can start chatting with you through:

  • Google Search (non-local entry point)
  • Google Maps (local entry point)

This integration is most relevant to your business when you are a location-based brand - your customers will be able to start a conversation with the nearest branch of your business.

Note: As of now, this integration supports only text & images.

A quick guide to integrating Business Messages with your Freshchat account

  • Go to Admin > Integrations > Google's Business Messages.
  • Click ‘Add account.’ You will be redirected to a form.
  • Fill out the form, and submit the details. 
  • Our Onboarding team will then set up the integration on the Business Messages Admin console.
  • After verification, the Business Messages agent will appear in your Freshchat account.
  • This Business Messages agent can then be mapped to the required Topic in your Freshchat account.
  • You can edit the Topic, choose to trigger a bot to answer questions, or assign it to a group for direct agent interaction.

  • Hit Publish once you’re done.

Your customers will now be able to reach out to your support through the chat option on Google Search and Google Maps.