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As Administrators or Supervisors, you are often restricted to viewing your reports based on the available metrics. To gain deeper insights relevant to your business, you need more than just filters to harness your chat data the way you want.

Custom Reporting in Freshchat helps you build reports the way you want, with minimal effort, all by yourself. It offers the flexibility to pick the metric(s) you want to study, the adaptability to select the right filters you want to apply, and the capability to employ the perfect dimensions to analyze your data.

Steps to create a report:

  • Open your Freshchat account and click on the ‘Analytics’ tab on the sidebar

  • You will be able to see various reporting modules such as 
    *Chat Analytics 
    *Bot Analytics 
    *Bot Session Consumption 

  • Click on Chat Analytics

  • Click on New Report near the search bar. Give it a title, set the required visibility, and click on Create.

  • You will find a blank report canvas.

Widget library

You will be able to view the widget library on the right panel. In case you are not able to see the panel, click on  icon to display the widget library. To input the metrics you need, you can either create your own widgets or choose from in-built templates.

You will be able to create widgets across three modules:

  • Conversations

  • Messages 

  • Chat Availability