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WhatsApp usage metrics enable admins to monitor the usage metrics for each WhatsApp number integrated with the Freshchat account from a unified screen. 

Account admins get complete visibility into Total conversations consumed, with a break-up between business-initiated, user-initiated, and free conversations on a monthly calendar basis and the costs incurred for the same. 

To check your WhatsApp usage metrics, follow the below steps. 

  • Go to Admin > Channels and select WhatsApp.

  • Click on View detailed utilization. 

  • On this screen, you can get a summary of total conversations and a breakdown of business-initiated, user-initiated, and free conversations every month.  
  • You can view the breakdown of the above data for different WhatsApp Business numbers and the costs incurred. 

Note: Within a 24-hour conversation window, WhatsApp Business charges for both user-initiated and business-initiated conversations will vary depending on the country code of the recipient’s phone number. Refer to this article for more details.

Please reach out to support@freshchat.com for any further assistance.