Note: This feature is currently in the BETA phase for the conversations widget. If you would like to request access to it earlier, please contact the Freshchat support team.

Once an agent resolves a conversation handed over to them by a bot, you can choose to either show a resolution message or trigger a bot flow. Simply click on 'Post agent resolution' under the 'Settings' tab to configure the post agent resolution action.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The toggle for 'Post agent resolution' will only work for the conversations widget and messaging channels.

  • If the 'Post agent resolution' action is enabled, then the Freshchat CSAT survey will not be triggered for these conversations.

  • You must always configure the flow end action (resolution action) in the bot builder. Ensure that each flow ends with a resolved conversation action. If not, there may be bot failures for agents and end-users may be affected.