You can convert Freshchat conversations into support tickets on Freshdesk and Freshservice. You can also share FAQs from Freshdesk in your conversations.

To do this, you must have enabled Freshdesk/Freshservice integration with Freshchat.

When you click Resolve and Create Ticket (Freshdesk/Freshservice), a pop-up box appears. The ticket fields are auto populated based on your configuration. 

You can save the conversation as a new ticket or append it to an existing ticket.


You can also convert an incoming conversation into leads in Freshsales by enabling Freshchat-Freshsales integration.

At present, there is no option for automatic conversion of chats into tickets. Only when you resolve a conversation you can choose to convert it into a Freshdesk or Freshservice ticket. However, it is part of our roadmap and would be supported in the future.

For offline scenarios, you could use Bots to collect user information when a customer contacts you outside business hours. Agents could follow up via email once they are available.

Alternatively, you can also do a bulk engagement with your out of office messages and resolve them in one go. Select multiple conversations and click Resolve to push them all as tickets into Freshdesk.