Block spammers in Freshchat

Sometimes you might get offensive or abusive messages from spammy users. You can block spammers in Freshchat by blocking the IP address of the user. When you block an IP address, all current and new users from that IP address will be blocked. 

How to block IP address

Go to Settings > Block IP > Add IP address

Type the IP address and click Block this IP.

You can identify blocked users in Freshchat with the Blocked via IP tag which will be added to the user’s profile.


The blocked user will be able to see the messenger and send messages but those messages won’t reach your Freshchat Inbox.

How to unblock IP address

If you blocked an IP address by mistake you can easily unblock it by clicking Remove against the IP address and then Yes, unblock this IP.

Things to consider before blocking an IP address

  • When you block an IP address, all current and new users from this IP address will be blocked. 

  • Some regions in the world have a limited number of IP addresses, so blocking one IP address could result in blocking more than one user.

  • Once blocked, a user cannot be unblocked. Removing blocked IP's will only affect new users messaging from that IP address. If you want to unblock a particular user, you have to contact or ping us using the Freshchat widget.