Freshchat is GDPR compliant and to help our customers achieve GDPR compliance we have included some options in Freshchat.

If your role is Account Owner in Freshchat you will be able to see GDPR in your Freshchat Admin page.

Go to Admin > GDPR

Under General Settings you can choose to 

  • Opt out of analytics and will we stop pushing any data to third party analytical tools
  • Not save your users’ IP address, but if you select this option we won’t track your user’s location and you can’t use the filter by country option to run campaigns for example.
  • Not fetch data from user’s social media profiles

Under Users, you can,

  • Request user data for a specific user, and
  • Forget the user, when you choose this the user and all their data will be permanently deleted from your Freshchat account.

You can also delete a team member or your Freshchat account by contacting us at