Integrate Freshsales and Freshchat

By integrating Freshsales with Freshchat you can convert your visitor and bot conversations into leads or contacts in Freshsales. Everytime a new visitor reaches out to you through chat, you can automatically create a lead/contact in Freshsales. 

Plus, you can chat with customers from your website/app right from within Freshsales. This will eliminate the need to switch between two different tabs or windows.


Freshchat - Freshsales integration has two different steps,

  1. Set up Freshsales integration in Freshchat
  2. Set up Freshchat integration in Freshsales


Only team members whose role is Account Owner or Admin in Freshchat and Freshsales will be able to setup the integration

How to set up Freshsales integration in Freshchat

Login to Freshchat. Go to Admin > Integrations > Freshsales.

Add you Freshsales domain name and API key to add your Freshsales account.

You can find your domain from your Freshsales URL and API key by going to Admin > API Settings.

For example, if Freshsales URL:, then domain will be: wonkaindustries

Now, you can pull and push data to Freshsales from Freshchat.

Pulling customer information from Freshsales

You can get user details from Freshsales and display it inside Freshchat to make sure your team members have context while engaging a customer. 

You can choose the user details that you want to see in Freshchat. Primary fields will be displayed on the infocard and other fields will be visible when you click on the card. You can even see a preview of how it’ll appear on the right.

Pushing customer information to Freshsales

When a visitor or prospect initiates a chat for the first time, you can automatically create a lead in Freshsales, if their email ID or phone number doesn’t exist already. This email ID or phone number will be collected by our bot.

To do this, move the push toggle to the right and choose if you want to create a lead or contact in Freshsales.

How to set up Freshchat integration in Freshsales

It’s easy. Go to Admin > Apps. Select Freshchat and Install. 

If you’re setting up Freshchat inside Freshsales first, on clicking Intsall, you’ll be redirected to your Freshchat account integrations page (if you’re already logged into your Freshchat account).

Create new leads or view details from Freshsales on Freshchat mobile app 

Once you setup the Freshchat - Freshsales integration on the web, you can view contact details and even create new leads in your Freshsales account directly from your Freshchat mobile app.