Keep tabs on your team with Team Availability report

Track your team’s presence and activity on Freshchat with Team Availability Report. 

Click on the Reports icon in the left menu bar. Go to Team Availability.

You will be able to see the online and active on IntelliAssign time for all your team members. 

You can view this data for a specific time period by clicking on the calendar drop-down. 

Or you can choose to see the data for specific team members/teams by clicking on the filter icon.

You can view this data in Median, Average or 90th percentile values.

To track a specific team’s member’s availability in your Freshchat account, click on their name. 

Here you can see a list of things,

- Groups the team member belongs to

- Average online, first online and last online time

- Average, first and last active on IntelliAssign time

You will be able to see the duration for which the team member was online and active on IntelliAssign for each day for a specific time period. You can change this time period from the calendar drop-down in the top left corner of the screen.

Plus, you get a legend view of the team member’s activity for each hour of a day. You can change the threshold for this legend by clicking on the gear icon.

You can download a report for each team member. 

Or go back to the Team Availability page and download an overall report for all your team members.