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View, search, filter, and segment your users 

In Freshchat when you go to the People tab you’ll see this. This is your user list - visitors and customers who have ever had a conversation with you using the Freshchat conversations widget (web messenger). This page displays all your users and sorts them in order of how recently they’ve last interacted with you.

Predefined segments

On the left side, you’ll see your segments. Freshchat comes with five predefined segments, you can see these under the shared category.

  1. All users
  2. Lapsed users
  3. Lapsing users
  4. New users
  5. Recently active users

You can also create custom user segments, based on any criteria, so that you can send them targeted messages. For example, you can create a segment of trial users and send them on-boarding messages or you can create segments for website visitors, loyal customers, or anything else.

Personal and Shared Segments

You can create personal segments which will be visible/accessible only by you or create and share user segments with other teams(groups) or agents provided your role is Account Owner/Admin in Freshchat .

What is a segment

A segment is a group of your users defined by the filter conditions (rules) that you create. Users are also automatically added to a segment every time they match these conditions.

Pro-tip: Create a segment for every group of users you’d like to send campaign messages to. One of the most powerful features of Freshchat is the ability to send targeted campaign messages using segments.

How to create a segment

Click 'New Segment'. 

Define your filter conditions (rules). You can filter users who match 'all' or 'any' of the conditions. Click Apply. 

Pro-tip: To create more advanced segments you can combine ‘and’ with ‘or’ filters. This makes segments more flexible and powerful.

A list of users will be displayed based on the conditions you set. Save your segment by giving it a name(something easy like Trial users) and add a description. You can either save it for personal use or you can share it with specific teams or all agents (if your role is Account Owner/Admin in Freshchat ).

You can also modify your filter conditions anytime by clicking on the filter option as shown in the image below.


How to edit or delete a segment

It’s easy. Go to the segment and click on the gear icon next to the segment name.


Note: You need be an Account Owner/Admin with full permissions to edit or delete segments.

Send a message

From here you can also message users. You can message individual users or select a list of users to send a bulk message. Choose the Topic on which you want to send your message, add your message and hit send.

You can search segments using the search bar under the 'New Segment' button.

Export people data

Go to the specific segment and click 'Email this data' in the top right corner. You will get a csv file with the user data to your email ID.

View user details

Click on a user. You will be taken to their profile. Here, on the left, you can see user details like their email ID, phone number, and also your user’s past conversations on different Topics.You can add custom user attributes and send it to Freshchat . This will also be displayed on their profile. You can even send a message from here.

On the right, you will be able to see events timeline (your user’s navigation on your website/app), any existing tickets (if you have enabled integrations),  and other contextual information similar to what you will see in your Freshchat Inbox.

Some important points to note

Now you can do the following actions right from the People's page,

  • Create personal segments or create and share user segments with other teams or agents
  • See which conversations are active
  • Reopen a conversation from the people’s page
  • Assign a chat to a different team member or team right from the people’s page
  • See the list of Topics on which a customer hasn't engaged
  • Rearrange the user info section
  • Permission to edit the user name and email is now a part of the Roles and Permissions feature, so only agents with permission to edit user details can do so

Some useful segments to create

The segments you create should be specific to your product or service. Here are some examples to give you some ideas.

Trial users

These are the people you want to convert. You might want to send them a warm welcome message or show them how to use your features through targeted in-app messages.

Loyal customers

You might want to create a list of loyal customers to ask for testimonials or beta-test your new features. 

Premium users 

These can be your highest paying customers or those using a particular feature the most. They can become your advocates. You can create a segment for these people to prioritize and provide the best service possible. 

Country specific

You can segment users based on the country they’re coming or their browser language to run targeted campaigns or make an announcement about an upcoming user conference happening in their region or just keep them informed about scheduled downtime.