Let customers know when to expect a response

In Freshchat it is easy to show your users your team’s availability and when they can expect a response from your team. 

You can do this in four different ways in Freshchat ,

This allows your user to plan their next move based on real-time information. If your team normally responds in a few minutes, your customer might choose to wait for your response.  Or if you normally respond within a few hours they’ll know to move on to doing something else. 

Display your team’s live response time

Freshchat automatically calculates response times based on your team’s response rate in real-time. You can display this time to give a fair picture to your users about when they can expect a reply from your team. 

Go to Admin > Account Settings > Response Expectations

You can pick either Response Time or Time for First Response. Response time is the overall average time of all the responses sent by your team. Time for first response is the overall average time taken by your team to send the first reply to a user once the chat gets assigned to them.

You can see the real-time values of these two options in the Freshchat Dashboard under the Speed of Response widget.