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Authenticate your communication with your customers

With DKIM you can authenticate your communication with your customers. You can digitally sign emails sent from your Freshchat account with your domain name(s) and build your brand identity through all your communication with customers. 

DKIM generates a signature, which is attached to the message while in transit, to verify the authenticity of the message source. This signature is associated with the organisation’s registered domain name. On reaching the destination, if the message has its signature validated, then the source of the email is verified. This prevents others from sending emails impersonating your organisation and any email sent from your Freshchat account will not get marked as spam.

How to configure DKIM in Freshchat ?

To set up DKIM you need to first update your DNS records with the Freshchat domain key so that it can be located and used for verifying signatures. The UI and terminology might change across different domain registrars but the setup will remain more or less the same. 

To authenticate your support emails,

Go to Admin > Account Settings > Email Configuration > Configure DKIM. 

Add your domain name and the four CNAMES will be generated. You need to copy the system generated values for the four CNAME to your DNS server/domain provider’s account. This is a one-time configuration step for each domain name that you add.


If you have configured the same records for any other Freshworks applications, message us or drop an email to support@freshchat.com.

To update your DNS records with Freshchat 's domain key (In your domain registrar),

Login to your domain registrar’s control panel with the credentials used to register your domain name. You will have one of these options in your account where you can change the DNS records - Manage DNS or Name Server Management or DNS Management or Advanced Settings.

Look for the option to create a CNAME record and add the values you copied from your Freshchat account here.

You need to repeat the above steps for each domain in case you are adding multiple domains. 

Once you have completed the setup, you need to verify it in Freshchat . Go back to your Freshchat by navigating to Admin > Account Settings > Email Configuration > Configure DKIM, and click Verify against your domain name.

NoteThere could be a propagation delay (maximum 48 hours ) for verification.

After verification (In Freshchat )

  • Once DKIM is verified for a particular domain, a tick/cross against the DNS settings inside your Freshchat account will indicate the status.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

  • To remove your DKIM settings, click Remove against each domain, which will remove the CNAME records for that domain.