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You can now integrate LINE Messenger with your Freshchat account and engage your customers on one of the everyday messaging apps that they use. 

You can read, manage and respond to customer messages that you receive on your LINE account, directly from your Freshchat Team Inbox.

How to integrate LINE with Freshchat 

  • Go to Admin > Channels > LINE MESSENGER. Click on ‘Add Account’ 

  • First, you need to fill in your LINE Channel ID and LINE secret key. You can find this in your LINE account.

How to get Channel ID and Channel Secret

Go to the LINE Developers portal and log in with your business account.

After you log in, you have to create a LINE channel by following these steps.

Once you create a LINE channel, you can find the Channel ID and Channel secret on the ‘Basic settings’ page of the LINE channel (refer below image).

Next, you need to create a Topic for your LINE Channel and assign it to a Group

For example, If you are going to use this channel for your North America region’s Support team, the topic can be ‘North America Support’ and you can assign it to the North American support group.

To know more about Topics, click here

To know more about Groups, click here

How to verify Webhook URL

  • Once you have added your LINE account in Freshchat, click ‘edit’ from the dropdown and copy the LINE Channel URL.

  • Go to the LINE developer portal and click on the LINE channel you want to integrate with Freshchat . 
  • Go to Messaging API > Webhook settings > Edit.
  • Paste the URL in the LINE Webhook settings and click Update.

Click verify to get the URL verified. And toggle ‘Use webhook’ to enabled.

Note: If the webhook URL verification is not successful the first time, try verifying it a few times until the success message appears.

To know more about setting up Webhook URL in LINE, click here.

NOTEThe supported file formats are Text, Location, Image, Video and Audio

Recommended settings for your LINE account integration

For the integration to work seamlessly, make sure you configure the below settings in your LINE account.

Click ‘Edit’ next to the Auto-reply messages option,

And, configure the following under Response Settings,

  • Response mode to Bot, 

  • Greeting Message to Disabled, 

  • Auto Response to Disabled, and 

  • Webhooks to Enabled

Note: Messages sent through the messaging API are counted towards the monthly limit. The number of messages that can be sent for free will depend on the Subscription plan of your LINE Official Account. Please ensure you have a sufficient limit to avoid any interruption in service. 

You can use upto 5 LINE channel IDs with your Freshchat account.