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The Messages In-depth report gives you an overview of the number of messages exchanged between your chatbots, customers, and chat agents. 

With this report, you will see the number and types of messages exchanged in a conversation grouped across multiple parameters. This data will help you optimize your chatbot flows. For example, if you notice that the chatbot flow you set up for handling refund-related questions often gets redirected to a live agent, you can update the flow to deflect those questions as well to help you with improving your deflection rates.

A quick guide to accessing this report

  • Click on Reports > Bot performance > Messages In-depth report

  • Use the dropdown on the right top corner in the reports pane to switch to the Editing mode from Viewing mode.

  • Set the required filters and get the data

You can use these filters to categorize the messages

  • Customer: You can filter the number of messages sent by each customer.

  • Created date: You can filter the number of messages created on a specific date. The data can be filtered for the created date based on different time periods (weekly, monthly, yearly).

  • Message input type:  You can see the number of messages under each message type configured.

  • Author: You can see if the messages were sent by the bot, the customer, or the chat agent.

  • Channel: You can filter using the Channel or the origin through which the messages came up.

  • Ticket ID: You can see how many messages were exchanged in a particular ticket ID.

  • Message type: This will tell you if the message was a simple text, a button's choice, or a Go-to type.

  • Inferred message: Messages are in a machine-readable format, and inferred messages are in a human-readable format.

  • Bot: You can filter the number of messages by each bot set up in the account.

  • Flow: You can filter the flow type and get the number of messages in that.

  • Bot version: You can choose the bot's version and get the number of messages exchanged.

You can also create your Message In-depth report by applying widgets, filters, visualization, and much more. Learn how to build your report.