To continue using Freddy Answers within Freshchat 's latest (2021 and above) plans, there are a few actions that you need to take. The configured Answers that are migrated to the latest plans will be in the draft state by default, please re-deploy them for continued usage. 

A quick guide to re-deploy bots:

  • Open the migrated bot that you have to re-deploy

  • Go to the ‘Deploy’ tab within the bot

  • Choose ‘Conversations widget’ under Deploy options 

  • Configure any other changes if needed

  • Hit Save and publish the bot

  • Go to Admin → Topics 

  • Click on the topic you want to map the bot to or create a New Topic

  • Toggle ON the ‘Trigger a Bot’ option and a dropdown with all bots will be displayed

  • Select the bot that needs to be reconfigured, hit Save, and publish

Freddy Answers will now be ready to use within the Unified Bot Builder.